Friday, October 29, 2010

Great Stuff

Just a short note this week.
I am very happy to see all the great work that is being put into learning our lines and becoming our characters. Keep it up.

We have just finished our third week and there are only 6 more weeks until we put on our performance. I am starting to get the costumes ready and making masks. I am also putting together sound effects to help our plays come alive.

Don't forget to keep thinking about your characters. How they walk and talk. How do you stand and stay in character, even if it's not your turn to say anything. This is really important. You may want to practise being your character at home when you have some spare time.

Lastly, my Helen O'Grady Drama star of the week goes to:   BRIAR - from Musselburgh Studio.

Well done Briar. I am really impressed at the way you have learnt all your words already and the confident way you say them.

Well that's all for now.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Welcome Back

Hello everyone

Well we are into the second week of Term 2 and things are getting busy already.  So many words to learn, so many characters to create. I know it seems a little chaotic at the moment but we will get there and I am confident that you will put on a splendid show.
I am starting to think about costumes. If you have any ideas or want to create your own costumes or masks or anything that will help you be your character that is great. Please don't spend lots of money, the best costumes are usually those that come from home and are made with lots of imagination. Be creative. Use lots of colour. Remember we have spiders, dragons, elves and fairies as some of our characters.

Those of you who are in the play about the Lions Roar, start thinking how the animal you are playing moves and sounds. Lots of colour for these characters too. Perhaps you would like to have a go at making your own animal masks.

Youth Theatre, we are going to have a fantastic play. It may be quite simple but the hard part is getting the characters. Have a good think about how you can make your character seem like a  real person, not just words on a script.

Keep working on getting those words learnt.

Only 7 more lessons until our performance Yeah!!