Monday, August 29, 2011

It's Week Five .........

and that means we are half way through the term already and that means ..... only 3 weeks until we start work on our end of year plays  Yeah !!!!!!

More about plays in the coming weeks, but there will be lots of singing and lots of colourful costumes, may be even some dancing.

Well the last couple of weeks we have been catching up with our inclass improvisations, The Thief and The Trial (because some classes were cancelled because of the snow)

What a great job you all did. It's hard to imagine what life was like way back in those horrible dark days when you could be sent to Australia because you were starving.

Important note: Although it makes a great play, it's still not okay to steal, even if it's something like a loaf of bread.
This week we are again working on Mini scripts and I am looking foward to all your great characterisations.

See you at class

Monday, August 15, 2011

Hello Week Three and ......It's Snowing

Hello everyone

Yes it's snowing, even here in Waikouaiti. Many of our schools in Dunedin are closed today because of snow and ice, therefore there will be no class at Wakari today. Very disappointing as our improv this week is "The Thief" I was looking foward to all the great ideas you were going to bring to class. So Wakari students next week we will put the two improvisations together - "The Thief" and "The Thief con't" and see what a great play we can make.
Now for the rest of the week, I will see what the weather is like each morning and if the class needs to be cancelled I will let you all know before lunch time.
Have fun in the snow and keep safe and warm.

Untill next time ..........

Monday, August 8, 2011

Hello Week Two

Hi every one, great to see you all back again this term.

Last week was a hoot. I was really impressed with your ad-libbing during our improvisation "Health and Safety". There was some great characterisation too. Well done.

This week we start our first mini-script - "Clear Up This Mess". The unusual thing about this script is that one person is going to be playing the part of a waste paper basket. I am already looking forward to how you are going to work on this one. Will it be funny, serious, weird, have a hidden message???

Remember to check with the Prop list posted last week for what you may need to bring to each class.

Have fun



Monday, August 1, 2011


Hello everyone.

I hope you have all managed to have a good rest over the holidays. What about the snow?? Exciting. We had lots of lovely white snow here  at Waikouaiti which was really amazing, it even snowed on the beach.

Well here we are ready to start Term 3. First of all I would like to thank you all for the really hard work you all put into our presentations last term. I was very proud of you all. 
This term we go back to the normal format,
Introduction activities, speech, mime and movement, and our improvisations although every now and again I will throw in some miniscripts just to keep you on your toes. 

We will be focusing on our ad libbing skills this term also, in preparation for our end of year play. 

As the school terms have been changed this year, we will begin work on the end of year play in week 7, so we have plenty of time to master it before the rush of term 4.

Below I have included the themes of each lesson improvisations, so if you want to dress up or bring props please do.

Have a great week

 Helen O’Grady Drama, TERM 3 Prop and Costume Suggestions:


 8th – 12th August              Miniscript: “Clear up this mess!”
                                                      Nothing required

 15th – 19th August            Class Improvisation: “Stop Thief”
                                           Bring any old fashioned workers’ or beggars’ clothes .

 22nd – 26th August             Class Improv: “The Trial”
This continues last week’s story with the trial
of the thief. You could be the judge, a lawyer,
a convict, a guard, or an onlooker in the court.

 29th Aug. – 2nd Sept          Miniscript: “The Latest Song”
                                            You’ll be a parent or a teen.
                                            Nothing required
 5th – 9th Sept                    Miniscript: “When I Grow Up”
Nothing required

12th – 16th Sept               Class Improv: “Oops! Wrong Plane!”
                                        You could be cabin crew or any type of traveler:                                          holidaymaker, business person, unaccompanied
                                         child etc. Bring small hand luggage.

19th – 23th Sept          Miniscript: “Mapreading”
                                      On a hike: Bring a small backpack

26th Sept. – 30th Sept  Miniscript: “The New Robot” If you can think of
                                     any simple robot accessories, bring them!
 3rd – 8th October       Class Improv: “The Audition”
                             If you like, come as a singer  or dancer (any style)!