Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What ....... Week Six ...... Already!!!!!

Yes it is. Only 3 more weeks and the Easter Bunny will be making his way to your house.

But before he does, we still have plenty of fun activities to get through.

I have been very impressed by the improvement of your ab-libbing skills. This is one of the hardest parts of our lessons to learn because sometimes you might not be able to think of anything to say, or feel a little bit shy. Don't worry. Learning how to ab-lib is important because it means we can set scenes in a play, react to what the other characters are saying and if someone forgets their words it means we can fill the space by making up our own sentences so the play can go on and the audience won't know that something is not quite right.

Now this brings me to speech. It is great to see you all working hard at our speech exercises. I know these may sometimes seem boring, but they are very important and must be practiced. This is so we can train our voices to be nice and clear, with good beginning and ending of words with nice sounds so that when you stand up in assembly to speak, you will be able to be heard right at the back of the room, without using a microphone.

Moving on to   ..... movement. This week we are learning 4 types of movement - Even and Uneven movements and Smooth and Jerky movements. When we have practiced these individually we will make a dance incorporating all 4. You'll have to listen very carefully for the tambour to give you clues when to change.

Improvisations this week are: Lower - "Sorry it was an accident" and for Uppers "Exploring the Wodonga Caves"

For the last activity of the lesson the lowers will be showing me the difference between behaving and eating politely and horribly while in a restaurant.
The Uppers will be making up a snippet starting with the sentence "Don't forget to come next Wednesday".

See you at class

Bye for now