Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hi Everyone

Week Three already
This term is flying past.

Our Dance Drama is the main focus of our lessons this week.

Over the last two weeks we have been learning about locomotion (fast and slow), moving between different styles of locomotion (walking, skipping, hopping etc), working with partners and making our bodies look happy or sad.
This week we put all that together with "The Villagers and the Tyrant".
Some of us will be villagers playing in the sun and being happy, until the Tyrant appears and starts to demand that we pay him some money. At first we are scared (and show this by sad, unhappy bodies) and give him what he wants. After a while we realise that he is not that scary and gang together to sneak up on the Tyrant and give him a scare instead. The Tyrant goes from being loud and scary to being unhappy and sad.

Of course we show all this using our Mime and Movement skills - no talking - just lots of facial and body expressions. And of course every class is different in the portrayal of the story.
I can't wait to see how your class does it!

Lower Primary classes our Improvisation this week is about having "Fun in the Sun" at the beach. Don't forget to bring your props.
Upper Primary, our Improvisation is called "The Bus Accident".  We might have to practice our first aid skills to help the injured passengers.

Keep up the good work on your ad libbing. Your speech is coming along, but remember practice makes perfect. So that is what we will be doing - practicing so we can be perfect.

See you all at class.


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