Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How's It Going??????

Have you all settled back into your school routine?

I really enjoyed our first week back, seeing all the old faces and meeting lots of new ones. The start of the term is always a little unsettling but we too will soon be into our routine.

It has been good to hear lots of fine voices. I can tell that some of you have been practicing your speech exercises. Your ad-libbing is coming along too and it has been great to hear this during our classes last week. Dust off those imaginations and get all those creative minds working. We can have sooooooo much fun.

The subject of our "snippets" this week is "Why did you put the phone down when I came into the room?" - That's a very long sentence by itself. Can you come up with some answers to it. I look forward to hearing them all.

Also I have really enjoyed watching some of our younger members having fun with crepe paper. We have been making flames and fires and dancing around the room using them as streamers. Just remember, while it is fun to pretend to be flames, we don't play with matches or fire as it can be very dangerous.

Have a really good week. I look forward to seeing you at class.

Bye for now

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